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Christian Men and Women

Saint Valerie


Valerie was a young girl who lived with her mother, Suzanne, in France. Valerie was engaged to a rich man named Stephen who was the Duke of Guienne. He lived a long way and Valerie did not see him very often but nevertheless she was looking forward to marrying Stephen and becoming the Duchess of Guienne.

Valerie and Suzanne became interested in Christianity when a missionary called Martial came to their small village Limogies. As all missionaries Martial wanted to tell people about the life of Jesus and encourage them to become Christians. Valerie and Suzanne were so impressed by Martial that they converted (changed) to Christianity. When Stephen came to collect Valerie to take her back to Guienne she told him that she was a Christian. He became very angry and told her that she must stop being a Christian if she still wanted to marry him. Valerie said no so Stephen went back to Guienne. After a while Stephen decided to give Valerie one more chance and sent his best soldier to Valerie to see if he could change her mind. The soldier was told that if Valerie did not agree than he must cut her head off.

Valerie did not want to give up her Christian faith and told the soldier this. He then did as he was ordered and cut off Valerie's head. Soon a large crowd gathered. Valerie's body rose and she picked him her head and went to find where Martial was preaching. She lay at his feet and then the crowd saw a bright light and Valerie's body rose up to heaven. This convinced the people in the village of Limogies to convert to Christianity and Valerie became their patron Saint.

The virtues that Valerie displayed throughout her short life were Courage (Fortitude) and Faith.